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NOTE: The phrases, “USA, Made In USA, California, Calif, Made in Calif, Cal, CA, Made In California, Made In Calif.” may be omitted unless they are an integral part of the pottery name or company’s mark. For instance, “California Originals”.

Variations on marks occur - there are bound to be mistakes. Please let us know if you have major additions or if there are blatant errors. But keep in mind that you may have a mark that just happens to be slightly different.

Mark Company
Aborn Aborn
A.C. Davey (pic) A.C. Davey
Alexander Franzka Ceramics Alexander Franzka
Alice (pic) Chalice
Ann Cochran (pic) Ann Cochran
Anthony, in script (pic) Freeman-McFarlin
Arcadia Ceramics
Arcadia Ceramics
Arcadia Made In USA (pic)
Artware By Pacific (in diamond)
see Pacific Pottery
Alox see Coors, H.F.
Artistic Potteries (pic)
Artistic Pottery
Artistic Potteries Inc.
Artistic Potteries Co.
Artistic Potteries
Bantu by Denwar (pic) Denwar Ceramics
Bauer (pic, pic)
Bauer Los Angeles (pic, pic)
Bauer Pottery Los Angeles (pic, pic)
Many other Variations
Ball-Jae Ball-Jae of California
Bellaire (pic) Marc Bellaire
Belmar of California (pic) Belmar of California
Bennetts (pic) Bennetts, The
Bernard Studios (pic)
Bernard Studios Mfgrs. of Ceramics
Bernard Studios
Bill Meyer Bill Meyer
Bishop California Ceramics (pic) Bishop Ceramics
Block Pottery
Block Pottery
Brayton’s (pic)
Brayton’s Laguna Beach Cal (pic)
Brayton Laguna Pottery
Brayton Laguna
Brock (pic)
Brock Ware
B.J. Brock & Co.
Burke Winton see Twin Winton
Cali Crown (pic) Cali Crown
Calif Cope Craft (pic) Calif Cope Craft
California Cleminsons (pic)
Cb (b inscribed in a C)
California Cleminsons
California Life (pic)
California Living (pic)
Laurel Potteries
California Modern Santa Anita Ware (pic) see Santa Anita Potteries
Cal Orig (pic)
Calif Orig
Calif Originals
California Originals
CC Originals
California Originals
California Original (pic) see Ann Cochran
California Pottery (pic) Metlox Potteries
California Rainbow (pic) Meyers Pottery
Calpotter (pic) Calpotter
Caltempo (pic)
Caltempo Fish Fin (pic)
California Cleminsons
Campo California Porcelain (pic)
Campo Del Mar
Capistrano Ceramics Capistrano Ceramics
Carmel Santa Anita Ware (pic, pic) see Santa Anita Potteries
Caroline Bennett (pic) Bennetts, The
Catalina Island (pic)
Catalina Rancho
Catalina Island Pottery
Cemar (pic, pic) Cemar Clay Products
Ceramicraft Ceramicraft
Chal (pic) Chalice
Chalice (pic) Chalice
Charles Le Richeaux (pic) see Marc Bellaire
Chase Originals Chase Originals Ceramics
Chefsware Coors, H.F.
Claire Lerner (pic)
Classic Claire Lerner
Claire Lerner
Cleminsons (pic)
Cleminsons Galagray (pic)
Cleminsons Gold Brush (pic)
California Cleminsons
CM Cole-Merris Ceramics
Coorsite Coors, H.F.
Covina Pottery (pic)
Covina Pottery
Decora Ceramics Decora Ceramics
DeLee Art (pic) DeLee Art
Del Rey
Del Rey Poppytrail (pic)
Metlox Potteries
DeMaray Porcelain (pic)
M & L (DeMaray)
Denwar (pic) Denwar Ceramics
Desert Sands Pottery Desert Sands Pottery
Designs West (pic) Stoneware Designs West
Doranne J#
Doranne CJ#
Doranne of California
D. Kindell
D. Kindell, Laguna
Dorothy Kindell
Kindell, Dorothy
Driftware Florence Florence
Elsinore Ceramics (pic)
Elsinore Pottery Co.
Elzac Elzac
Enchanto Co.
Europa (pic) California Cleminsons
Flintridge China (pic) Flintridge China
Florence Ceramics (pic) Florence
Frank Moreno (pic)
Frank Moreno Ceramics (pic)
Moreno Ceramics
Frazier (pic)
Frazier Briar
Frazier California Briar (pic)
Freeman & McFarlin (pic)
Freeman McFarlin
FMcF (pic)
Gainey Ceramics (pic) Gainey Ceramics
Gene Lodi (pic) Gene Lodi
Gilner (pic,pic) Gilner
GMcB (pic) Gladding McBean
Guppy’s (pic, pic)
Guppy’s Islandware
Heath (pic,pic,pic,pic)
Heath N.S. Gustin Co.
Heirlooms of Tomorrow see California Originals
by Hermione
Hermione Pottery
H.F. Coors (pic) Coors, H.F.
Hildred (pic, pic) Hildred Reents
Hoenig (pic) Hoenig, Lou
Hollydale Hollydale
Hostessware see Pacific Pottery
Howard Pierce (pic, pic)
Howard Pierce, Claremont
Howard Pierce Porcelain
Howard Pierce
Hueckel China (pic) Hueckel China & Porcelain
Ideal (pic) Ideal
Jan Dix
Jan Dix
Jane Callender Jane Callender
Jane Fauntz
Jane Fauntz Original
Jane Fauntz
Jaru (pic, pic), pic)
Jaru Art Products (pic)
Jaru Art Products
Jenev Jenev
Judy of Calif (pic, pic, pic)
Judy - plain or w/ “USA” (pic)
Judy of California
Kellems Pasasdena (pic)
Kellems of Pasadena
Kindell Kindell, Dorothy
Kipp Ceramics
Kippie Pasadena Calif
Kipp Ceramics
Klages (pic) The Klages
KTK (pic, pic)
KTK Burbank
KTK Hand-Made
KTK S-V China
Knowles, Taylor & Knowles
La Cañada
La Cañada Handmade (pic)
La Cañada Pottery
Lagunita Pottery
Lagunita Pottery
Laguna Pottery
Laguna Pottery by Brayton
Brayton Laguna
L.A. Potteries
Los Angeles Potteries (pic)
Los Angeles Pottery (a modern company)
Los Angeles Potteries
Laurel of California (pic) Laurel Potteries
Landaker Originals
Landaker Original Ceramics
Harold Landaker
Lane & Co. (pic, pic) Lane & Company
Le Richeaux (pic) see Marc Bellaire
Lou Hoenig Hoenig, Lou
Madeline Ceramics
Madeline Originals (pic)
Madeline Originals
Malibu Modern Hollydale
Manker Ceramics William Manker Ceramics
Marc Bellaire Marc Bellaire
Marcia of Calif
Marcia of California
Marcia of California
Matthew Adams (pic) Matthew Adams
Maxine Cloud Maxine Cloud
Metlox (pic)
Metlox Manufacturing
Metlox Potteries
Miramar of Calif (pic)
Miramar of California
Mission Bell California Metlox Potteries
Moreno Ceramics (pic) Moreno Ceramics
Northington Northington, Inc.
Pacific (pic)
Pacific (in diamond shape)
Pacific, Hand Painted
Pacific Pottery (in diamond shape)
Pacific Pottery
Padre (pic)
Padre Regal
Padre Pottery
Pas Cal (pic)
(Nipedal Manuf Co.)
Pas Cal
Pierce (pic) Howard Pierce
Poppytrail by Metlox
Poppytrail Pottery
Metlox Potteries
Pottery Craft
Pottery Craft, Compton
see Treasure Craft
Regal California, Painted By…
Regal California, Hand Painted…
Padre Pottery
Rembrant Laguna Beach Rembrant Pottery
Robaul (pic) Robaul
Robertson Hollywood (pic) Robertson Pottery
R. Maxwell (pic)
Robert Maxwell (pic)
Robert Maxwell
Rónaky see Jaru Art Products
Roselane (pic)
Roselane Pasadena California (pic)
Roselane Pottery
Roselane Pottery
Saar (pic) Saar Ceramics
Sascha B. (pic)
Sascha Brastoff (pic,pic)

Sascha Brastoff
San Carlos (pic)
San Carlos Pottery
San Carlos Pottery
Santa Anita Ware (pic, pic)
Santa Anita Ware Flowers of Hawaii (pic)
Santa Anita Potteries
SDW Stoneware Designs West
Sierra Vista
Sierra Vista, Starnes
Sierra Vista Ceramics
Sims Ceramics (pic)
Sims Ceramics
SNA (”n” in lowercase) Unknown
So. California Potteries
So.California Pottery Company
see B.J. Brock & Co.
Stoneware Designs West (pic) Stoneware Designs West
Susi Singer
Susi Singer
The Bennetts (pic) Bennetts, The
Treasure Craft (pic, pic)
Treasure Craft of Hawaii
Treasure Craft
Triton Chalice
see Chalice
Tropic Treasures see Ceramicraft
Twin Winton (pic)
Twin Winton Pasadena
Twin Winton
Vee Jackson
Vee Jackson (w/ Lou Hoenig)
Vee Jackson, Hand Decorated
Vee Jackson, San Gabriel
Jackson, Vee
U.S. Pottery (pic) U.S. Pottery Paramount
Vadna Ware
Vadna of California
Vally Werner
Werner, Vally
Vohann of Calif (pic)
Vohann Hoodwink
Vohann of California
Vonlynn (pic)
VonLynn Hollywood
Wade Calif (pic)
Wade Ceramics
Wade of California
Wade of California
Wallace China (pic)
Wallace China
Walter Wilson
Wallace China (pic)
Walter Wilson
Webton Ware see Brayton Laguna
Weil Ware (pic) Weil of California
White (pic)
White Pottery (pic)
White Pottery
Wilhite of California Wilhite of California
William Manker (pic) William Manker Ceramics
Wm Frazier Frazier
Yona (pic, pic)
Yona Ceramics
Yona Ceramics

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