Unknown Pottery Duck Figurine

Friday July 18, 2008

Unknown Duck Pottery Figurine - Potteries of California

I’ve been keeping an eye out for California Pottery figurines lately - in the past I didn’t even bother looking for them at the thrift. But I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of good stuff out there - I don’t really like the human figural pieces, but some of the animal ones are very nice.

I sort of lean toward the plain unpainted ones like this Duck figurine with matte white glaze. I did some research to try and find out which pottery might have made it - I was thinking it was probably California. I’ve pretty much ruled out both Bauer and Metlox because it doesn’t look like any of the ones in the books I have.

I thought it might be Caliente by Haldeman, but I think many of those have “Made in California” stamped into the bottom in block letters. The one I have has no impressed mark, only a penciled number marking of “6362″ or something like that. Some of the other California potteries I thought it might be from are Pacific, Padre or Roselane, or Cemar. However, it could very well be the case that it’s not from California at all! I’ve been wrong many times before.

More pictures are on the Unknown Pottery page, look for listing #A0011. If you have any info on who might have made this, please let me know.


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