Possible Bauer Rebekah Vase

Thursday July 21, 2011

Hey everyone - sorry for the hiatus on posts. Pretty much all of our time and attention has gone into the A La Modern shop lately. We do come across some great California pottery in our thrifting and estate sale forays. One of the most interesting items we picked up was this fantastic drip glaze handled vase.

Bauer Rebekah - Potteries of California

We wrote up more of the story on this item on the A La Modern blog. Basically, my thought was that this vase looked an awful lot like a Rebekah vase from Bauer, made by Matt Carlton.

I still don’t know for sure. The glaze is what threw me off the most. I actually did think it might be Panama Pottery, Pacific or Gladding instead. In particular, I was reminded of some of the earlier multicolor-glaze Pacific items. However, when looking at photos, the glaze didn’t seem to be like those either. It did have some characteristics of Panama, but the shape was almost a dead-ringer for Bauer Rebekah.

Back of Vase - Potteries of California

The bottom is unmarked, and mostly unglazed. There seems to be a marking of “35″ on the bottom in pencil… I was wondering if that perhaps was the date or the price (in cents!). If you happen to have an idea on whether or not this could be Bauer, I’d be interested in hearing your opinion.


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  1. pete veilleux Says:

    could it be peters and reed? the colors look right.




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