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Tuesday March 8, 2011

Hi everyone - sorry for the lack of updates and that we haven’t been answering our email/comments. We’ve just had very little time to spend on Potteries of California, because our main focus has been our online shop A La Modern. We also have an Etsy store that features California pottery from time to time.

We do have a lot of California Pottery on both stores, and more coming soon. Here are a few of the items we’ve put recently:

Roselane Pottery Dog - Potteries of California

Roselane Pottery Dog

Gladding Franciscan Capistrano Planter - Potteries of California

Franciscan Capistrano Planter

Haldeman Caliente Blue Vase - Potteries of California

Haldeman Caliente Blue Vase

Robert Simmons Raccoon - Potteries of California

Robert Simmons Raccoon Figurine

La Mirada Planter - Potteries of California

La Mirada Planter

Monterey Jade - Potteries of California

Monterey Jade Mug


More California Pottery

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  1. Vanessa Osborn Says:

    Hi! What a great thing you have going here! I just wanted to add that recently I had a piece of Monterey Jade, and it was LOVELY! The glaze is just exquisite. I had a low bowl in perfect condition. We don’t find much of its kind in northern Minnesota, but I know why people want it!




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