Gladding McBean Supper Tray

Friday March 26, 2010

Gladding McBean Green Dish - Potteries of California

Hi there, Potteries of California peeps. We just put a small gallery for Gladding McBean - we’ve sort of put off making galleries for the larger, more well-known potteries. But we realized that it would be a good idea to at least have placeholder pages, even if we won’t need to provide information or research into these companies since there is so much out there already on them. It’s also probably a good idea since we’ll be listing up some of these items in our store. The other large pottery currently missing a gallery is Vernon Kilns, which we’ll try get up very soon.

We actually have come across many Gladding / Franciscan items in the past, but just never got around to taking pictures. One interesting piece is this large GMcB serving dish in an apple green color. Since we don’t have the Gladding or Franciscan book, we weren’t sure what this was at first. We’ve seen one of these online called a “Buffet Supper Tray”, but we’re not sure if that’s what this is. Anyone out there know for sure?

Gladding McBean Carafe - Potteries of California

The other Gladding item we picked up recently was this carafe or coffee server in a matte white color. We’ve seen these come with lids, but aren’t sure if they always came with lids or if sometimes they were sold without them.

There’s a couple more GMcB items in storage the garage that we’ll try drag out and get photos of in the future. I know there’s a ton of Gladding collectors out there, so feel free to post any pictures to the Flickr group!


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