Calif Pottery Hunting - Ep. 5

Thursday January 27, 2011

Hello everyone - I’m only a month late getting the first post of the new year up. I figured we’d go with another episode of California Pottery Hunting. This is a mixture of stuff we’ve found earlier, mostly at thrifts - some of it we ended up purchasing, and others we left.

FmcF - Potteries of California

We see quite a bit of unrecognized Freeman McFarlin in our travels, like this white vase. There’s actually a nice set of similar vases/planters in our A La Modern shop, but in general we pass on these unless they have an interesting glaze. Pieces are often marked with “FMcF”, but also sometimes they’re unmarked.

Cleminsons Caltempo - Potteries of California

I didn’t realize these were Cleminsons items until I saw the backstamp. The word “Caltempo” was written in script on the bottom of the jar, and I remembered that being a Cleminsons line - not sure what this pattern is. The one we see mentioned the most is “Fishfin”. We ended up putting this covered jar and candleholders up in the main shop.

Brayton Laguna - Potteries of California

Ordinarily, I would’ve grabbed this small Brayton Laguna dish because it was so cheap, but it had a lot of damage so we left it for another person. Believe this line was known as “Webton” - we have a pitcher in the blue version of the pattern. This dish is stained a dark brown, similar to those done by Treasure Craft.

Jaru - Potteries of California

Too bad this weird looking blue cat by Jaru had his hand broken off, otherwise I probably would’ve picked it up. Some Jaru items are really valuable, though it seems like people have differing opinions on whether it’s worth that much - I usually pass on all the pastel colored stuff from the early 80s.

Brastoff - Potteries of California

I would’ve picked up this Sascha Brastoff plate but it was just a little bit out of my price range. In addition, we do NOT need to start collecting any more dinnerware lines!

Weil - Potteries of California

Lastly, this Weil vase was cracked which is unfortunate because it has a nice shape. The color scheme reminds me a little bit of La Mirada, which is yet another pottery we haven’t created a gallery yet for. Actually, I believe this shape might be from one of the Catalina molds that Weil purchased for use.

OK, sorry this one was short, but we’ll try continue with more California pottery hunting soon. I have tons of photos from thrift stores that haven’t been shown yet!


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  1. Craig Leavitt Says:

    I have spent a week Googling, ASKING, “Foxfireing”, EBAY-ing…all those things, because…
    I spent 25 years Thrifting, to a ‘holding place” collection of Mid-Century Modern potery, Made in Japan, Kitschish…but always with an individual personality or character present. Naturally, I have literally thousands of pieces, which have never been seen, or offered to anyone for reference or enjoyment. I AM DOING THAT NOW TO CALPOTTERIES people this may interest in some way. I’ve only started documenti ng my collection over the last month…which has been surprising, in that most of what I tho’t worth much attention and $, is qute different from my own documentation efforts.

    I may be mistaken that my collection has any value to others; never talked to folks about it, unless they were in my personal basement “manufactured folkart” rooms. I have perhaps 1/2 my collection on display, the rest in big boxes in my warehouse.

    Reading your belated post note on entering about Thrifting burst open my memory banks of those cumpulsive efforts collectors most often display.

    Should any question, observation or request come to mind–yours or anyone else in the calpotteries group you wish to tell bout me, you have permission to do so.

    With a smile

    Craig Leavitt




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