Locations: Los Angeles
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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Vally Werner Persian Octagon Dinner Plates Handcrafted
Current Price: $12.00
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Ends in: 6h 41m

Vally Werner Persian Octagon Cups & Saucers ( 5 ) Handcrafted
Current Price: $50.00
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Ends in: 6h 59m

Vally Werner Persian Octagon Salad Plates Handcrafted
Current Price: $25.00
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Ends in: 9h 26m

Vintage VALLY WERNER California Pottery Dinner Plate "Persian Octagonal" 11.25"
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Leaf Shaped Bowl Vally Werner Persian Garden California Arabian Horse Rider
Current Price: $28.99
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Vtg VALLY Werner California Art Pottery Bowl Centerpiece Fawn Deer Peacock
Current Price: $125.00
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Ends in: 12d 8h 39m

I had quite a bit of initial confusion with pieces from the Vally Werner Ceramic Studio. I actually would have never looked them up in the books, since it’s a smaller pottery that not many people know about. Alas, I came across them in an unfortunate incident where I was holding a piece of Vally pottery in my hand and about to buy it for peanuts - but then I decided to put it back because I just “wasn’t sure”. Famous last words!

My confusion stemmed from the fact that the piece I found was only incised roughly with the name “Vally” and while I thought I remembered seeing that before, I just wasn’t sure. (I also thought perhaps Vally might be a misspelling of “Valley”.) If I’m not careful, I can easily buy 5-6 pieces of pottery at the thrift that I’m “not sure” about. So even though the piece looked interesting I decided to put it down. Have been regretting that ever since. It was blue crackle glaze round jar or pot with the bottom being unfinished reddish clay - which I’ve since discovered is a good representation of the pieces that Vally made.

My second piece of confusion was that I thought “Vally” was a GUY - perhaps meant to be “Wally”? Later, on I looked it up in Chipman’s Scrapbook and saw that it was a “she”! It turns out she was a former employee of Barbara Willis, who like many in the business, ended up leaving to create her own pottery.

The crackle glaze pieces are very reminiscient of Willis’s work. They’re pretty much the only pieces I’ve seen online, aside from a few pieces of interesting 8 sided dinnerware. I’ve no idea how long the pieces were produced, although they definitely can date back to at least the 1940s.

I was debating whether to list this under “Vally” or the full name Vally Werner, and decided to go with the latter for now. Just remember that this full name is usually not on the bottom of the pieces - usually it will just say “Vally”.

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