Locations: Pasadena
Dates of Operation: 1920s - 1955
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Vintage Country Singer SUSI BEATTY personally signed Autograph Promo Photograph
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Rare WIENER WERKSTATTE Pottery Figurine / Saliere, Susi Singer (1891 - 1965)
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Rare Wiener Kunstkeramische Werkst├Ątte Susi Singer Ceramic Figurine Figure
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Susi Singer was known for producing intricately detailed ceramic, colorfully painted figurines. Chipman has her studio located in Pasadena, although another reference mentions Hollywood. She was born in the late 1800s in Austria and fled to California at the start of WWII.

Her training and development as a ceramicist occurred both in Austria and in California, where she concentrated on fanciful and often poignant figures of children and couples. AMOCA has an archived Susi Singer exhibit which ran as “Women’s Werk” in conjunction with Marguerite Wildenhain’s pottery. Most of the information I know about the artist is from the online reference. The article notes that as a child, she suffered from malnutrition during WWI which led to her impairment and fraility throughout her adult life.

I’ve seen only a few examples of her work, and never in person. The marks on her items usually had either her full name or her initials “SS” painted on the bottom of the figurines. Would appreciate if anyone could donate photos of a Susi Singer figurine if you collect them, since we don’t follow figurines like this as closely.

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