Locations: Lawndale, El Segundo
Dates of Operation: 1950 - 1962
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2009.08.23 Saar Deer Plate

Saar Ceramics - Potteries of California

Saar Ceramics operated in a rather short window of time in the 50s. Starting off in Lawndale first, artist Richard Saar later moved operations to nearby El Segundo. Interestingly, the two short entries in Jack Chipman’s Encyclopedia have given rise to a bit of unintentional mis-information. I’ve seen listings for Saar that give the name “L. Saar”. This is actually not a typo, but the “L” comes from the previous size description of the ashtrays: 1 1/2″ H x 10 1/2″ L. But I could see how it could be misinterpreted as Saar’s first initial. To confuse matters, Richard’s brother William helped running the business, so someone might think that perhaps “L” referred to another brother.

All of the items I’ve seen have extremely modern, contemporary looking designs, sometimes of fish and other animals. The “deer plate” above that I found is typical of the look you’ll come across. I actually thought that this might have been some sort of Glidden item because of the shape of the plate. One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of Saar items is the use of the “blobs” of glaze applied directly onto the plate. You can see a closeup of the little circles of glaze which make up the deer’s eye (head?) and are used for decoration elsewhere on the plate.

The item I found is either a decorative plate or piece of dinnerware. Saar made mostly these types of items - there is one named line called “Etruscan” that I’ve seen a few times online. Markings on these items usually consists of a simple painted mark of “Saar” - sometimes he puts a splash of glaze paint underneath it to make it stand out more. Note that it can be difficult to identify sometimes, as it’s often not a stamp but handwritten.

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