Locations: Unknown
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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Weiss Schwarz TCG Fairy Tale Cait Shelter Master Robaul x4 FTEN-S02-090 C
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Cait Shelter Master, Robaul - FT/EN-S02-090 - C
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Vintage Robaul of California Pottery Candle Holder Bowl Yellow Mat Glaze #P30
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Weiss Schwarz 4x FT/EN-S02-090 C Cait Shelter Master, Robaul
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Current Price: $18.27
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Robaul Mug - Potteries of California

This is yet another mysterious company that produced ceramics in the 40s and 50s. Robaul of California made a small selection of different house and garden ware. The most common item I see from them is a vase, ashtray or wallpocket that has a rectangular “spiral” goldleaf design on the front. It reminds me of The Bennets a bit. Besides this midcentury modern looking design, they also made strange biomorphic-looking mugs like the one shown above. I snapped that pic in an antique mall. I don’t know whether or not they made accompanying dinnerware to the mug.

Jack Chipman notes the scarcity of information on this company - not even the general area where the company was located is known. (He also notes that they did produce older, traditional items which were less modernistic than the ones I talked about.) While pretty much nothing has been found out about the company, most of their wares are well marked. However, since this isn’t such a common company, I’ve seen a lot of people misinterpret the Robaul name in the mark. Most common one I see is “RoGaul”, where they mistake the “b” for a “G”. I’ve also seen “Rocaul” and “Robearl”.

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Potteries of CaliforniaPotteries of California

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