Locations: Riverside
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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It’s sort of ironic that one of the most loved modern sets of California dinnerware comes from a company about which absolutely nothing is known. I’ve often done searches on the Riverside Ceramic Co., which was purported to have produced dinnerware in Riverside, CA (quite a ways east of where most of the southern California potteries operated) in the 1940s. I’ve never really found much, other than a backstamp or two.

This famous ergonomic dinnerware set in question was created by famed Hungarian-born designer Eva Zeisel for the company. I believe they released it in various different color combinations, mostly white and another subtle color like light gray or green. However, there are some archived exhibitions (Eva Zeisel: The Shape of Life) that show some really fantastic and bright glazes, including several items that sport metallic glazes.

Other than the one page on this particular Zeisel line, Chipman’s Encyclopedia doesn’t have much to say about the company either. I’d certainly like to find out more about the company - mostly if they produced any other line besides Zeisel’s.

One thing I’ve also found interesting - everyone agrees the company was based in Riverside, California. I’m sure it’s a coincience, but I believe that one of her original design studios in New York was located at her own residence on RIVERSIDE drive. The stamp on these items does carry the word “California” in it.

But in all the interviews, books and writeups about Zeisel, I’m wondering, WHY hasn’t anyone simply asked her what the Riverside Ceramic Co. was. I just can’t believe she wouldn’t know anything about the company, and it puzzles me that no one has been able to dig up the information on the company. If you have any more information about this mystery, please let us know.

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