Locations: Pasadena
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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Pas Cal - Potteries of California

Pas Cal was actually not the name of a California pottery, but a line produced by the Nipedal Manufacturing Company in Pasadena. We’re listing them under “Pas Cal”, because we haven’t seen any other items of note produced by the company that aren’t under the line, and because the accompanying stickers don’t have the Nipedal name.

Not much information on this company, though believed to have been producing in the 1940s. We don’t come across them that often. Chipman mentions that the Pas Cal line was mostly smaller animal figurines. We found the horse above with the attached foil sticker, which is how most of them seem to be marked. The crackle glaze actually led us to believe it might be a La Mirada piece. The style of the animal figurines is similar to some De Lee pieces.

Note: We've tried to provide as much info as possible on this pottery maker or artist. For further info, you may want to research the items they have on Ebay listed under this name. We've tried to hand tailor the searches below so they will bring up the most accurate results. If there are no results, it will list general California pottery.


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