Locations: Los Angeles
Dates of Operation: 1950s - ?
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Old Vintage 50's Northington Art Pottery Planter Metal Bird Theme Accent USA MCM
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Vintage Northington Pottery - California Pottery - MCM - circa 1950's
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Donna Winston Northington Pottery Charger
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Vintage 1950s NORTHINGTON California Pottery Oval Buffet Platter on Stand
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2009.08.13 Northington Lazy Susan Center

I haven’t come across pieces by this company very frequently, but that doesn’t mean that they’re rare by any means. I think Northington was actually fairly well known in the 1950s, but as with so many of these potteries, knowledge and information about the company has completed faded with time. I think a lot of the “scarcity” may have to do with the fact that some of their best known items, which are casseroles and servers, often did not have permanent stamps or mold markings. They often had paper labels, and with casseroles you’re pretty much going to be scrubbing them so the sticker comes off after a few years of use.

Jack Chipman’s Encyclopedia shows a Northington casserole that had the ubiquitous metal frame that so many other companies used at the time. But according to him, Northington was one of the first of those companies to start the trend of the metal cradle and pottery casserole. I know Bauer used these metal cradles with their casseroles, and in fact the Northington casseroles look very similar to the ones that I’ve found. One thing I did notice was that the diameter of the lid on the Northington ones are oversized compared to the base of the casserole.

From a few dated pieces of literature, I know that the Northington company existed at least as early as 1951, and at least as late as 1957. Their address places them smack in the trendy Melrose district, though I don’t know what kind of shops were there in the 50s.

The company made various different household, dinnerware and gardenware items besides the casseroles. I’ve seen buffet servers, flower pots and frogs, and gravy boats. The latter item is interesting because they appear often on Ebay, and in addition to the Northington name in-mold on the bottom, there is the word “Jack Sprat”. My theory on the name for this double spouted gravy boat is that it has to do with the nursery rhyme. The front of the casserole has two spouts labeled “L” and “F” for “lean” and “fat”. The nursery rhyme goes: “Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both, you see, They licked the platter clean.” It sort of makes sense.

I did see one casserole that had the large, oval original sticker on the back. Here is the full text of the sticker:

“California Casseroles
Bringing True Patio Sunshine Into Your Home
• Guaranteed oven-proof ceramic
• Designed for easy handling
• All metal parts protected by clear baked enamel
• Rubber-cushioned - will not mar table
Northington, Inc.
Los Angeles 64, Calif
Do Not Polish Metal • Use A Soft Damp Cloth”

I’m not sure what “Los Angeles 64″ refers to. I’ve seen these casseroles in white and dark green. it’s interesting that it says the feet for the stand are rubber cushioned.

Update 8/2009: On our trip up to Monterey, we saw quite a few Northington items, including the one in the pictures below. I believe that one is actually a lazy susan center. The pattern on it is actually quite elaborate compared to the plain looking items we’ve seen from them previously. In addition, this one was marked in-mold as “Northington Made in U.S.A.”.


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