Locations: Vernon
Dates of Operation: 1930s - 1940s
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Vintage Meyers California Rainbow Pottery #12 Mixing Bowl Blue Glaze Ringware
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Rainbow Pottery California Yellow Ringware Bowl #12
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Vintage Meyers California Rainbow #24 yellow ring ware mixing bowl
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Meyers California Pottery Pink Rainbow Ringwear Bowl #18
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VTG California rainbow Ring Ware Beehive PINK Bowl 5 3/4" Small Rings
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There isn’t too much information about the Meyers Pottery of California. They are mostly known as imitators of the colorful and popular ringware that Bauer pottery produced. The items they made are indeed very similar in both shape, style and glaze and are easily confused by many.

According to Chipman, the pottery was located in Vernon, but Lehner’s Marks notes it was located in Huntington Park. The two areas are both in an industrial part of town of LA and right next to each other. Lehner also says that the person who founded it was a Mearl C Meyers and gives an approximate time range of 1933-1950. I’ve seen an old advert for the company recently which gives an address near Santa Fe Ave in Vernon.

The Meyers items that you’ll come across most frequently are the California Rainbow line - in fact many people have taken to calling or renaming the actual pottery (especially on Ebay) as that. This is especially prevalent because the backstamps that they used hardly ever say “Meyers” on them, but are most frequently seen as California Rainbow which is as ambiguous as it gets. See the photo below of the small plate for the stamp - sometimes it is “spread out” like the one I have, and other times it is condensed in a circle in the middle. I’m not sure, but I believe that there are also pieces that are unmarked - and I think this is where it starts to get problematic where people mistake it for Bauer.

Meyers made a whole host of items, including dinnerware, mixing bowls, accessories, vases, pitchers and decorative artware. While the items that they produced were very derivative, I personally like them and I think many will find them just as collectible. In any case, Meyers Pottery was not the only copying the Bauer ringware line.

As said, there are slight differences between Bauer ringware and Meyers California Rainbow - these occur with the glaze, shapes (i.e. rings, curvature) and of course the backstamp when it occurs. I’ve also noticed that quality of the pieces seem to be different - the Meyers items seem to be lighter in weight. For a direct comparison, see the 3rd photo below for side by side Bauer saucer and Meyers small plate.


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