Locations: Hawthorne
Dates of Operation: 1945 - 1953
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Set Of Four Maxine Cloud Vintage Art Pottery Glazed Mugs Cups Green Brown Rustic
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Maxine Cloud Vintage Pottery set Green and Rustic Brown
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California Pottery Maxine Cloud Pitcher Vintage 40s 50s Brown Green Swedish Skol
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This potter produced a number of different items like pitchers, ashtrays, trays and low bowls in the 1940s-1950s. Maxine Cloud designed pieces that combined colorful glazes (usually greens) with a wood-tone stain directly on bisque. In many of her pieces, the basic form is slip cast while added elements, such as the handles for pitchers or leaf decorations, are added later. A lot of her work emphasized natural forest elements such as leaves and flowers.

Many of her pieces are indeed signed as “Maxine Cloud”, most of the time handwritten. Occasionally, there are items which are unmarked. Some of her pieces are similar to those produced by Eugene White.

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