Locations: Oakland
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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Lagunita Pottery Oakland, Ca Cream Glazed Floral Teapot Wall Pocket Planter Vase
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Vintage 4 Piece Porcelain Vanity or Boudior Lagunita Pottery Set
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I actually confused Lagunita Pottery with Brayton Laguna for awhile before realizing that they were separate potteries. Lagunita was based in Oakland apparently, according to Chipman’s Encyclopedia. As a distributor, they featured several different smaller potteries in their lines, but the thought is that they probably eventually produced their own wares. I believe they concentrated on figurines, specifically animal figurines, but they probably also branched out to other types of ceramics. Pieces are often found unmarked, originally having been given a foil label.

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