Locations: Unknown
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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Rare Bauer Pottery Hand Painted Signed W.F. Klages California Crafts Museum Pc
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Ends in: 4h 18m

The Klages California Pottery Bluebirds on Stump
Current Price: $75.00
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Ends in: 1d 7h 51m

Vintage Pair Of Birds on a Pot, Pottery by the Klages of California
Current Price: $45.00
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Ends in: 2d 5h 42m

Lovely Vintage Song Bird RARE Klages Of California Pottery Bird Figurine 144jn7
Current Price: $27.99
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Ends in: 4d 4h 25m

Klages Pottery Birds California 2" and 2.5" Figurines Signed Rare Piece
Current Price: $80.99
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Ends in: 20d 8h 48m

1953 Bauer Pottery Hand Painted Plate Hawaiian Polynesian Mask art Klages
Current Price: $140.00
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Ends in: 25d 3h 28m

1945 signed Walter & Ogla Klages Decorated Pottery Plate Pacific Clay Bauer era
Current Price: $239.00
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Ends in: 25d 3h 28m

I haven’t been able to find out too much about The Klages. They weren’t listed in Chipman’s encyclopedia, but I did find some reference to a “Klages” in the Bauer books and I’m assuming these are from the same couple: Walter and Olga Klages. They appear to be best known as secondary decorators who handpainted various designs on Bauer pottery kitchenware.

Chipman says that the couple had a studio workshop in Flintridge. I haven’t found any confirmation on that but it seems reasonable. Besides the decorated Bauer, we’ve mostly seen semi-matte glazed animal figurines like the rabbit and geese shown. Greenish brown glaze sort of reminds me of Haeger, or perhaps Freeman McFarlin. Interesting that they also had areas on painted bisque, such as on the eyes and the beaks of the geese. The ID marking that we’ve seen has been mostly gold stickers that read “Made by the Klages in California” or something similar. I don’t know when these types of items were produced - but the Bauer decoration goes back as far as the 40s, so we’d guess they produced from the 40s to the 60s.

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