Locations: Berkeley
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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1935 Press Photo Jane Fauntz & Hubbard Phelps at Ariz Biltmore hotel pool
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Not much information to go on for Jane Fauntz, a potter who produced mostly figurines of children in the 1940s. She originally made items for California Faience, but struck out on her own later. Some of the figurines she made bear some similarity to Sorcha Boru and Jean Manley.

Interestingly, whenever I did searches for her name, the information that came up was for another Jane Fauntz who was a national champion swimmer and diver who actually won medals in the 1928 and 1932 Olympics. I don’t think this is the same person, but if you happen to know about it, please let me know. The items I’ve seen have been usually marked with her name or “Jane Fauntz Original”.

Update 9/2009: I received a nice note from reader Kirby, who says that his grandfather was William Bragdon of the California Faience operation. He also feels that it this the same Jane Fauntz as the Olympic diver mentioned earlier:

“She made pottery at California Faience in Berkeley from around 1940-43. It is in typical California Faience brownish tan clay with unglazed bottoms. She then branched out on her own and produced figurines in white clay with bottoms inkstamped “Jane Fauntz” with word “Original” or sometimes the name of the figure. I am convinced that this is the same Jane Fauntz who was an Olympic diver. She married football player Edgar Manske in 1936. Sometime after that they moved to the Berkeley area where she taught art (at Berkeley High?) and her husband was a football coach at Berkeley High.”

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