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MID-Century California Artist Jan Dix Two Tone "Drip Style" Single Candleholder
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Ends in: 4d 10h 44m

France Balenciaga Le Dix 7.5 g 1/4 oz parfum perfume 18Jan19-P
Current Price: $24.50
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Ends in: 5d 14h 45m

Die 7 Todsunden Bei Hieronymus Bosch, Otto Dix Und Weiteren Beispielen by Jan-Ma
Current Price: $21.32
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Ends in: 20d 21h 6m

History of Metallica Book by:Jan Michael Dix (German Language) 1997
Current Price: $12.00
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Ends in: 21d 39m

Vintage California Pottery Glazed Mini Pitcher for Cream by Jan Dix 3" Blue
Current Price: $8.99
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Ends in: 23d 17h 56m

Jan 1941 pre WWII US Army Mess Hall Chow Line Fort Dix NJ Miltary Postcard
Current Price: $6.89
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Ends in: 27d 8h 1m

We’ve come across a few pieces marked Jan Dix California, but this name is not listed in either Chipman’s Books or Lehner’s Marks from what I can tell. The type of items usually seen are dinnerware and serving pieces like these cups spotted at a thrift.

Jan Dix - Potteries of California

From the style and decoration, I think these may have been 1940s-50s. Drip glaze style ware seems to be common. The mark is usually a script stamp like the following:

Jan Dix - Potteries of California

I think I’ve also seen lazy susans from this maker, but I’m not certain. In any case, would be interested if anyone happens to know more.

Note: We've tried to provide as much info as possible on this pottery maker or artist. For further info, you may want to research the items they have on Ebay listed under this name. We've tried to hand tailor the searches below so they will bring up the most accurate results. If there are no results, it will list general California pottery.


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