Locations: Glendale
Dates of Operation: 1930s - 1940s
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Vintage Hermione Palmer California Art Pottery Small Wall Piece Peasant Lady
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If you’ll allow me some levity - you probably will have quite a hard time locating Hermione Pottery these days. That’s entirely the fault of a certain series of immensely popular books about wizards. Any search you try is bound to be intercepted by that franchise. In fact, I didn’t even know the name “Hermione” before the books and movies. In any case, what I’m talking here is a California pottery that was run by Hermione Palmer who used the California Faience facilities in Berkeley like many figurine artists at the time. Other works are glazed completely over in solid colors.

Most of her works involve figurines, head vases, flower frogs and other gardenware. Like a huge majority of artists associated with Cal Faience, her work often makes use of the brownish red clay color in unglazed portions. She moved to the southland in Glendale later in her career, but I believe that she only produced pottery into the 1940s.

Most of her work is marked in some way, either incised or in-mold. To my knowledge, she didn’t use her last name in any marks, preferring to use just “Hermione”. Sometimes the name of the figure or figurine is also included in the mark.

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