Locations: Pacific Grove
Dates of Operation: 1940s - ?
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HAROLD LANDAKER California Pottery Crackle Glaze African Queen Bust - 9" SIGNED
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1940s or 50s HAROLD LANDAKER CALIFORNIA POTTERY African mid century
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The first thing you might think when seeing a Harold Landaker ceramic sculpture is, “What in the world?” His creations are very whimsical, with an extremely handmade (and some might say sloppy) look to them. A former painter, he turned to pottery in the 40s and created mostly animal and human figurines and giftware. Apparently, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and then moved to LA around 1940. His humorous animal creations may have something to do with his work as a set decorator for the circus before he came to California.

The studio where he produced his artwork was originally in LA, but he later moved up to the Monterey area, in Pacific Grove. His animal figurines are almost grotesque caricatures at times, and are deceptively simple in style. The first time I saw a pair of his dogs with their googly eyes, I thought they were someone’s pottery class joke. A lot of his figures make use of non-glazed stained bisque areas in conjunction with crackle glaze. I haven’t found much information on Landaker’s ceramics at all - I’ve been wondering if perhaps he was more well known as a painter. Most of his items, when found, are signed as “Landaker Original Ceramics” or something similar.

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