Locations: Unknown
Dates of Operation: 1950s - ?
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Rare Mid-Century Gene Lodi Cigarette Box & Ashtray - Red & Brown Studio Pottery
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GENE FARMER The Integration Of Lodi LP - 1971 DORE Orig. LP-328
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Gene Lodi 1950's Ashtray Gold,Brown And Turquoise Signed And Numbered #360
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GENE FARMER / The Integration of Lodi // ORIGINAL 1971 US LP SEALED/ Mint-!
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Potteries of California

We haven’t been able to find much about Gene Lodi. Listed in Chipmans Encylopedia but with only a single example of the pottery. Interestingly, the only piece we have is a very close match to the horse head shown in the book - extremely bright red crackle-ware interspersed with brown stained unglazed portions.

It’s quite obvious that he was another proponent of Barbara Willis’s innovative pottery techniques, but we don’t know if there was any of that animosity that surrounded many of her “copycats”. Regardless, his work seems to be quite nice and it doesn’t turn up that frequently.

We’ve mostly seen similar glaze techniques - it seems like some sort of wax resist was used to block out areas of the stained bisque and the glaze was allowed to drip down and the item was then fired to get the crackled look. We’ve seen various different colors including the red shown above, chartreuse green and orange. In some instances, it appears that gold leaf or some other metallic glaze was used instead of leaving unglazed areas.

We don’t know the location of the pottery business, or the dates of production - but we’re guessing it was mid 1950s and was short lived. If anyone has information on the pottery of Gene Lodi, we would love to hear about it.

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Potteries of CaliforniaPotteries of California

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