Locations: El Monte, San Marcos
Dates of Operation: 1927 - 1980
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Freeman McFarlin - Potteries of California

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of most of the Freeman McFarlin Potteries pieces. Many of their items, which often focus on animal and human figurines, just seem so tacky, over the top and garish to me. However, I think that’s the point for many people who collect it. I know that their gold leaf items are also sought after. I like some of their more midcentury modern looking items plus some of the vases, but I have to admit that I bought the candlesticks shown above primarily for the backstamp and to have an example for the site.

One thing to note about this company is the discrepancies in how people label the company. I’ve seen many different spellings, especially of McFarlin as “MacFarlane”, “MacFarlin”, “McFarlane”, “McFarlan”, or “MacFarlen”. I believe the actual name (from the stamp on the pieces I have) was Freeman & McFarlin Potteries, but we’ve omitted the ampersand and the word “potteries” for convenience.

The pottery came together fully in the 1940s, after Maynard Anthony Freeman joined Gerald H. McFarlin’s pottery business; the latter had been the head of several art-related businesses previously, while Freeman became the designer side of the business. The plant was located in El Monte. As mentioned, the earlier business focused on animals (Chipman lists a whole host of animals and gives detailed pictures of many models in his book).

The company used a number of different designers freelance and inhouse, most notably Kay Finch. After Finch’s factory closed in the 60s, Freeman-McFarlin bought out several of the mold designs and continued producing them in various treatments. Finch also did original designs for them in the 60s-70s on a freelance basis. One of the things that the company was very good at was repurposing or “imitating” successful lines from other California potteries (such as Jaru or Monterey’s Monterey Jade). But then, EVERYONE was doing that to try and survive, so you can’t really fault the company.

They added a second factory in San Marcos. By the time the El Monte location closed in the 70s, the company was in different hands - it finally ended up as part of Hagen-Renaker in the 80s.

Potteries of CaliforniaPotteries of CaliforniaPotteries of CaliforniaPotteries of California

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Vintage California Art Pottery Freeman McFarlin Pair Huge Eyed Owls w/Labels
Current Price: $38.95
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Ends in: 11m

Road Runner By Freeman McFarlin Vintage Figurine Sculpture 18" Long w/ Sticker
Current Price: $34.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 50m

Freeman & McFarlin Potteries Cobolt Blue Color Vase/Urn/Planter EUC
Current Price: $14.95
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1h 15m

Vintage Freeman & McFarlin Candle Holder...Stamped
Current Price: $12.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1h 35m

Freeman McFarlin? SIAMESE CAT Figurine "Disneyland 1964" California Pottery
Current Price: $19.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1h 42m

Current Price: $15.00
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 4h 14m

Current Price: $59.99
Current Bids: 1
Ends in: 4h 27m

Vintage USA CA Freeman & McFarlin Pottery Pair (2) Candle Holders & 2 Birds
Current Price: $29.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 5h 51m

Pair Vtg Freeman McFarlin Mermaid Babies Ceramic Bisque Wall Plaque HTF
Current Price: $99.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 6h 34m

Vintage Freeman McFarlin Retro Modern Cigar Pipe Large White Ceramic Ashtray
Current Price: $9.95
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 9h 27m

Vintage Freeman McFarlin Crackle Pottery Frog Signed Original Sticker
Current Price: $49.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 9h 59m

Current Price: $34.00
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 13h 57m

Vintage -1953 - Freeman & McFarlin - Gold Leaf - PEACOCK
Current Price: $99.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 14h 38m

Freeman McFarlin Green and Gold 1950s Ashtray Signed Anthony USA Scalloped
Current Price: $13.49
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 16h 34m

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