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Elsinore Ceramics California Wall Pocket EC-111
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Ends in: 2d 13h 11m

Elsinore Ceramics California Wall Pockets Pair EC-111
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Vintage Elsinore Ceramics California Pottery Gold and Grey Tones 2 Pieces
Current Price: $29.95
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Plate Dano Ceramics Lake Elsinore,CA F&AM Masons Buena Park, #357 75 Anniversary
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Ends in: 22d 23h 20m

Elsinore Ceramics California Wall Pocket EC-111 - maroon with yellow flowers
Current Price: $9.95
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Ends in: 24d 14h 49m

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2009.07.02 Elsinore Planter

Elsinore Ceramics Planter - Potteries of California

I know next to nothing about this California company currently. Elsinore Ceramics was the name on the bottom of the rectangular pillowvase planter above which I came across at the thrift store in 2008. While it was chipped, I bought it in order to put succulents in it. The look of the vase reminded me very much of the Barbara Willis “copycat” forms like those of Stahl, The Bennetts, Aborn and Adelle.

I’m actually unsure of the full name of the company, and because I haven’t come across many pieces, I’ve been tempted to put this into the Unknowns gallery instead. However, the designed stamp leads me to believe that it was indeed a company. I’ve come across only one other item with the Elsinore name. This was a rather nondescript, old-fashioned grayish pottery jog or crock that had a blue stamp on it reading “Elsinore Pottery Co. Elsinore, CA.” It’s interesting that the name is different, with “Pottery” instead of “Ceramics”. I was also wondering if the company was indeed located near Lake Elsinore (south of Corona down the 15 Fwy). I’ve been to that lake and the surrounding area when I was younger. If anyone has any more information about the company, it’d be welcomed.

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