Locations: Los Angeles
Dates of Operation: 1950s - ?
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Cookie Jar Vintage Doranne Of Calif. Collectible "Milk Carton" Cookies & Milk
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Cookie Jar Rare Vintage Doranne of Calif. Ceramic Collectible "Rag Doll"
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Vintage Camel Cookie Jar Olive Green USA - Doranne of Calif HTF Circa 1950s
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I’ve seen Doranne of California pieces a number of times of the thrift, but have passed on all of them because they just weren’t my style. The most popular items that this California pottery produced were actually Cookie Jars and that is what I’ve seen the most of. You will find them listed in most of the major cookie jar books and encyclopedias, and there is some demand for some of the items.

While Chipman’s devotes only a single photo (and that of a brochure) to Doranne, the company seems to have produced a large variety of items besides cookie jars starting in the 1950s or so. I believe they may be responsible for quite a few unmarked Chip N Dip Lazy Susans that are marked California. I’ve also seen freeform ashtrays and dishes produced by the company, some more attractive than others. Some of their pieces remind me of either Los Angeles Potteries, Treasure Craft or Twin Winton.

The brochure that Chipman shows actually gives a physical address for the company on Hoover close to the 101, and sort of south of Silverlake. I’ve also seen an original box for a lazy susan that had an address on 5201 Bandini Blvd, west of the 710 in Los Angeles, but I haven’t been able to find the exact address in googlemaps… so I’ll leave that one out for now.

They produced items at least as early as 1955 and continued to make their cookie jars throughout the 70s and at least until the mid 80s. I’m not sure if the company still exists, but I don’t think so.

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