Locations: Azusa
Dates of Operation: 1950s - ?
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M & L Atomic AMOEBA Mottled Glaze ART POTTERY VASE De Maray DEMARAY California
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Mid-century Modern M & L De Maray DEMARAY Speckled California Pottery Vase SET
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De Maray Bowl - Potteries of California

M & L Manufacturing is another one of those curious California companies where you will probably never see their name marked on pottery. Instead, the trade name “De Maray” is marked on the bottom of most of their items. According to Chipman’s Encyclopedia, Victor McNutt Associates represented M & L Manufacturing’s items and you could buy them in the popular Barker Brothers furniture stores.

I’ve seen mostly bowls, ashtrays and vases marked De Maray or De Maray Porcelain (note the spelling - I’ve seen this often misspelled as “De MOray”). The one pictured above that I found is a curious footed elongated bowl with “cross” or “star” shapes in white on a mottled pink background. This item looks more like something from California Originals or The Cleminsons than some of the other De Maray pieces. Some of their other vases really remind me instead of Madeline Originals or Sascha Brastoff.

There is a rather rare De Maray ceramic production line which was designed by Ben Seibel sometime in the 1950s. The M & L company was supposed to be located in Azusa which is interesting because I found the above bowl very close to that city.

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