Locations: Los Angeles, Huntington Park
Dates of Operation: 1941 - 1950s
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framed flower print Art By Claire Lerner 14 X 16 (072617)
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claire lerner pottery
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Vintage Claire Lerner California Art Pottery Ceramic Fish Figurine Mid Century
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Im Here for You Now by Janice Im, Rebecca Parlakian, Claire Lerner
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Claire Lerner California Pottery Bowl
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Vintage 1950's Claire Lerner Ceramic Pottery Midcentury Green Swan Vase - CL228
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Vintage CLAIRE LERNER California Pottery Bowl & 2 Candle Holders CL 270 236 1952
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Vintage 1950 Claire Lerner Ceramic Pottery Green Fruit Tray CL210
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Pottery By Claire Lerner Vintage Lime Green Fruit Bowl and Oriental Man & Woman
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Vintage 1950's Claire Lerner California Pottery Ceramic Lotus Candlestick Holder
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Pair of Claire Lerner Candlestick Holders CL239
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It’s very interesting to me that the huge majority of Claire Lerner items that we come across look significantly different than the examples given in Chipman’s Calif Pottery books. It turns out that’s because the Lerners (Claire and Sidney, her husband) started off making lapel pins and ceramic giftware whose style was similar to older imports from countries that weren’t allowed during WWII. I’m not such a fan of these earlier items, which often featured lacey looking ceramic flowers on plain or decorated white ware with traditional shapes.

The items that we of theirs are the ones produced later in the late 40s and early 50s. These single color glazed shapes were much more interesting, and they were also often earthenware as opposed to ceramics. One of the trademark colors that the Lerners used was a deep dark green, similar to one used by West Coast, Roselane and quite a few other companies. They made various pottery items, often focusing on low bowls, gardenware and trinket boxes. They also have some very nice animal sculptures as well, and some of these (the egrets come to mind) were meant to go with the bowls.

Their original factory was near modern day Downtown LA, but they relocated to the Huntington Park area in 1946. According to Chipman, the Lerners also took over the well known Caliente line of Haldemans in 1948. I’m not sure at this point whether they re-branded the pieces as Claire Lerner, and for how long they produced Caliente.

Claire Lerner 251 Dish - Potteries of California

One of the nice things about Claire Lerner items is that they are almost always marked, and they are usually marked VERY clearly. (It’s been brought to our attention, however, that there are some pieces that have no marks.) In general you will see the Claire Lerner name, item number (usually CL or L, the latter ones usually have the word “Classic” as well), and sometimes a copyright year. This has enabled us to try and make a listing of quite a few pieces, which I hope we can add to in the future. We would also like to add photos since we only have the piece below currently - if you can contribute a picture, that would be great.

Here is our list so far - names are made up by us. Please note, this is not from a company listing, so some information may be incorrect, especially the dates. We’ve also tried noting color choices we’ve seen - the three most common colors are dark green, light green and pink.

Number Year Desc
CL126 1949 Square Trinket Box - red
CL202 1952? Rect Vase - dk grn, gray, pink
CL210 1950? Low Rect Planter - dk grn, lt grn
CL212 1950? Low Rect Planter - dk grn
CL214 1950 Freeform Bowl, Smooth Leaf - dk grn, lt grn
CL220 1950 Scroll Planter - dk grn
CL222 1950 Centerpiece - black
CL226 1950 Flower Bowl - yellow
CL228 1950 Ornate Bird Vase - dk grn, pink
CL230 1952 Swirl Candlestick - dk grn
CL231 1950 Downward Looking Bird - dk grn
CL232 1950 Tropical Bird - dk grn
CL234 1950 Musician - red, yel
CL236 1950 Musician, Headdress - lt grn
CL239 1950 Flower Candlestick - dk grn, lt grn
CL251 1950 Freeform Bowl, Pointy Leaf - pink, dk grn, lt grn
CL256 1951 Freeform Bowl, Shooting Star - dk grn
CL260 1951 Freeform Bowl, Circular - dk grn, speckle blue
CL261 1952 2 Egrets sometimes w/251 - dk grn, lt grn, pink, peach
CL266 1952? 2 Birds On Branch - dk grn
CL270 1952 Console Bowl, Boomerang (w/ #230?) - dk grn
CL272 1952 Butterflies - pink
CL274 1952 Freeform Bowl, Oval Leaf - dk grn, lt grn
CL275 1952? Angelfish (goes w/ pool) - pink
CL278 1952 Freeform Bowl? - lt grn, white
CL280 1952 Freeform Bowl, pool - lt grn, pink, baby blue
CL??? 1952 Animals sometimes w/280 - deer family, heron
L-5 1950 Goblet style vase - gray
L-75 1950 Rect Pedestal Bowl - lt grn
L-105 1950 Goblet style vase, short - dk grn
L-165 1950 Sq Pedestal Bowl - pink
L-175 1950 Rect Pedestal Bowl - pink
NONE 1949 Bowl, Chinese Key Design - dk grn
NONE 1949 Square Trinket Box - dk grn


Potteries of CaliforniaPotteries of California

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