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Dates of Operation: Unknown
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Adele Chase (1917-2000) was a native of San Francisco and received her art education from the San Francisco Art Institute (previously called the California School of Fine Arts), UC Berkeley and Stanford. I believe she had her own studio and kiln at her home in the Berkeley Hills, but her business was Chase Originals Ceramics in Berkeley.

In addition to producing pottery and ceramics, she was a skilled painter and also made hand-pressed tiles, sculpture and murals. Because she trained and worked with noted in art pottery pioneer William Bragdon from the California Faience, she’s often associated with that company. Her Chase Originals company produced items like figurines, wall pockets, low decorative bowls and sculpure pieces - many are distinctly Art Deco in form.

I believe that most of the items from Chase are marked in handwriting on the bottom as “Chase Originals”. I’m not sure how (or if) the California Faience pieces she designed would be credited to her at all.

There is actually a website and bio for her at adelechase.com, with biography information. It looks like information was added to it, so you should check that out for more info on her.

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