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Casa De Campo Pottery Lady Figurine Signed
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RARE Vintage California Campo Del Mar California Pottery Porcelain Planter
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Vintage Rare 2 piece pottery from California Campo Del Mar Porcelain
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Campo Del Mar - Potteries of California

This is a pretty mysterious California Pottery. I’ve known it only through the descriptions in one page in Chipman’s book, where the full name of the pottery is listed as “Campo del Mar”. However, it is also listed in Lehner’s pottery marks book as “Camp Del Mar Pottery”.

To confuse matters further, we have one of the little demitasse cups from this pottery and the ink stamp is given as “Campo California Porcelain.” The “Campo” is written in script. There is absolutely no information currently on the pottery - searches on “Campo Pottery” will bring up a modern unrelated company and any searching for “Del Mar” will tend to bring up information on San Diego which is NOT where this company is from. The location of the company (agreed upon by both Lehner and Chipman) is Capitola which is sort of near Santa Cruz (or Monterey, for those who know the area by that name better).

Incidentally, the piece we have is most likely the same one that is shown in Chipman’s book - since we purchased it directly from him! It’s a lime green colored small pottery cup that is missing its saucer. The pictures listed in Chipman’s book are mostly of this same style of refined, rectangular porcelain. They had plates, bowls, tumblers, coffee cups, cordial cups and ashtrays in various colors. As he says, this reminds me a lot of Franciscan Tiempo. Rather nice cups and we’ll be looking out for more of them.

The time frame for the output from this pottery is probably around 1945-1955, although I have to stress that it’s definitely inconclusive right now.

Flickr member Green Hocker came across the wonderful green and yellow Campo dish or bowl shown below.

Campo Del Mar sent in by Green Hocker - Potteries of California

He notes that it was found up in San Jose area, which is closer to where the pottery supposedly resided. The dish is green on the outside but has an interesting “avocado” colored glaze on the inside that transitions from green to yellow, the glaze almost reminds me of some of the Manker pieces, or perhaps earlier Covina. It is 8.5 inches square and the corners are beveled in so that it’s actually 8 sided.

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