Locations: Santa Ana
Dates of Operation: Unknown
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Cope Craft Wall Pocket - Potteries of California

Although we consider this California Cope Craft wall pocket more of an “unknown” piece of California pottery, we decided to create a gallery anyhow since we do have the one piece to show and have seen a few other pieces with the same maker’s name.

Interestingly, all of the other pieces we have seen from Cope have been wall pockets as well! The one we do remember seeing at an online shop was much more ornate than the simple green square one that we have. That one was blue and scroll shaped, but it had an additional “angel” figurine attached onto the front of it. From the way the face was painted on the angel, it looked to be perhaps 30s-40s but we’re unsure.

There was also an original sticker with that one that said “Calif. Cope Craft” © Santa Ana, Calif. So at least we know that the company at one time released stuff from that city. Other than that, there is not much information to be found. Although, interestingly there appears to be another “Cope-Craft” company that we found online which created by a Lloyd Copeman around 1940. I don’t believe that is the same company though, since it was based out of Michigan and produced bird feeder products.

Our own square wall pocket looks sort of like a diorama and is a wonderful shade of green. There are wavy lines that go along with the wavy edging of the opening. It is marked clearly on the back in-mold with Cope Craft Calif - all three words share a large “C”. We are also going to list this on the unknowns page in the hope that someone may have more information about the company. Ebay sellers - if you are selling any of these items by Cope, please let us know so we can try and determine more about the company!

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