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Cali Crown Dish - Potteries of California

I don’t have much in the way of information on this pottery. Originally, I thought the item pictured above was a planter by Cali Crown, but it turns out that it’s most likely the bottom half of a trinket box. The company was known for making Pixies and Pixie accesories during that craze in the 40s-50s, so I’d think that they’d date to around that time.

I think that more info may be available in some of the other books that deal with collectible figurines, but since I don’t collect Pixies in general, I haven’t found out anything else about them. I do know that they also made non-Pixie covered trinket boxes. The one that I have reminds me of the speckled grey of some Denwar pieces. Mine was marked with an inmold stamp saying “Cali Crown Calif. 801 USA”. I’m not sure if the pixies are marked similarly, or if, as was often the case with smaller figurines, they had a paper foil label.

Note that I don’t believe there is any relation between Cali Crown and the similarly named line “Cali Cali“, which was a line of items produced by (or for) the N.S. Gustin Co in the 40s.

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Vintage 50s Christmas Green Pottery Pixie Elf Gnome Boot Shoe Planter~Cali Crown
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CALI CROWN California Pottery Green PIXIE Elf on Chartreuse SHOE Planter
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Vtg ELF Pixie Figurine Planter Cali Crown c1950s Jade Green Bean Hat Lying
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Ends in: 15d 10h 32m

Vintage 1950'S Green Smiling Cali -Crown Pixie Elf green Figurine
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Ends in: 21d 10h 29m

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