Locations: Arcadia
Dates of Operation: 1940s - 1950s
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Vtg Arcadia Miniature Salt & Pepper Shaker Go With Set Baby Bottle Booties Mini
Current Price: $19.99
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Ends in: 1d 18h 4m

Pacific Pottery Arcadia Blue Salt/Pepper Shaker Set! MINT
Current Price: $14.97
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Ends in: 4d 5h 46m

Franciscan Arcadia Green 1 Shaker 3 Hole
Current Price: $12.50
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Ends in: 4d 9h 11m

Franciscan China 3" Tall Three Hole Condiment Shaker Arcadia Green
Current Price: $11.69
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Ends in: 6d 7h 29m

Vintage Arcadia Mini Gingerbread Man and Rollling Pin Salt and Pepper Shaker
Current Price: $49.95
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Ends in: 20d 17h 18m

Shaker Heights [Images of America] [OH] [Arcadia Publishing]
Current Price: $15.39
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Ends in: 22d 19h 44m

Arcadia Butter Churn Salt Shaker
Current Price: $2.01
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Ends in: 28d 17h 39m

Vernon Kilns Arcadia Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Free Ship
Current Price: $13.99
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Ends in: 28d 23h 51m

I haven’t been able to find much information on Arcadia Ceramics, Inc. beyond the fact that they mostly made miniature salt and pepper shakers in the 40s-50s. However, unlike a lot of other companies, they are actually named for the city that the business was in - Arcadia, CA. I’m very familiar with this area and often drive through and visit the thrift stores located throughout the city. I’ve been wondering if I might come across some Arcadia Ceramics shakers, but so far have not recognized any.

One reason for that may be the fact that many of their miniatures were not marked at all. You see this very frequently with smaller items produced by the older California Potteries. And these miniature shakers were REALLY tiny in some cases. However, some of their ceramics are indeed marked with “Arcadia” or “Arcadia Ceramics” and sometimes even a PO Box address and item ID#. Many pieces seem to have been shipped with a paper label covering the shaker’s fill hole as opposed to a cork - I’ve seen a few that state “Reseal with this label - or Adhesive tape”.

Their novelty shaker sets were both detailed and whimsical - a specialty of theirs seems to have been miniature food. I believe that many pieces were handpainted. There were many other companies that made this type of miniature, most notably Treasure Craft. Also, note that Arcadia Ceramics should not be confused with the Arcadia line made by Pacific Clay Products. See that gallery page for an example of the dinnerware line that bears an inmold stamp that says “Arcadia” on it.

It’s highly probably that I’ve missed seeing them since I don’t collect this type of ceramics. I suspect there is more information about the company in salt and pepper shaker collector books. If you do collect these shakers, we’d like to feature one of your photos here.

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