Locations: North Hollywood
Dates of Operation: 1950s - ?
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38" Renaissance Ann Cochran Mid Century Limited Ed. Serigraph Print Knight
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Ends in: 19h 59m

Rose Bouquet Botanical Ann Cochran Framed Litho Print Red Flowers Signed Small
Current Price: $7.75
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Ends in: 4d 2h 59m

ANN COCHRAN Vintage print in beautiful matching frame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ends in: 4d 18h 49m

Vintage Framed Floral Print Flowers Ann Cochran 11" by 11"
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Vintage Metalcraft Corp. Ann Cochran PRINT in Wooden Picture Frame Lillies
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Ends in: 23d 23h 21m

Information about this artist seems to be quite limited. One thing I’m fairly certain about is that Ann Cochran was most likely a painter or designer first and foremost as opposed to a potter. The reason is that on Ebay there are prints that are atrributed to her for sale, and I think it’s the same Ann Cochran because many of them are flower prints which is one design she was known for doing.

Chipman notes that she produced items in North Hollywood in the 50s. I’ve seen only a few items of hers - most seem to be either flower design plate or covered trinket boxes with a more modern design (sort of like Sascha Brastoff).

One very interesting note is that her plates and other items seem to be marked on the back as “California Original”, as opposed to her name. This is very misleading as there is another much more prolific pottery called California Originals which marked their pottery in the same manner. I’ve been wondering how many of Ann Cochran’s pieces have gotten mis-attributed because of this.

Ann Cochran piece - Potteries of California

A kind reader was nice enough to send in a few pictures of the Ann Cochran peacock box shown above. The design is quite nice and features an ornate depiction of a peacock in white and gold. It’s signed on the front as Ann Cochran, and on the back as “Handpainted California Original by Ann Cochran.”


Potteries of CaliforniaPotteries of California

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